Welcome to iTipBot!

What is IOTA?
IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger protocol launched in 2015 that goes 'beyond blockchain' through its core invention of the blockless 'Tangle'. The IOTA Tangle is a quantum-resistant Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), whose digital currency 'iota' has a fixed money supply with zero inflationary cost.

Visit IOTA's official website.
What is iTipBot?
iTipBot is an online tipping wallet that is used to tip IOTA crypto currency to users on social websites such as reddit, twitter, facebook, etc.
How do I use iTipBot?
To tip someone on supported platforms simply reply to their post or comment using one of the following example case insensitive commands:

Twitter: You must tag @iTipBot in your Tweet.

Reddit: For USD and EUR format tips only, you must include "/u/iTipBot" (without quotes) anywhere in your comment.


+1000 iota
+100 kiota
+10 miota
+1.25 giota

Note: Decimals are supported only for units greater than i or iota.




Do I need to be registered in order to tip?
As long as you have sufficient balance in your wallet from tips received then you can tip without registering an account, however you will need to register an account if you want to be notified when your tip fails due to insufficient balance. You will also need to register if you want to make a deposit or withdrawal.
How do I link my social account?
There are two methods you can use to link your social account to your iTipBot wallet.

Method 1: Sign up on iTipBot.com

Click the "Sign Up" button on the top right of this page to create your account. When you are signed in click on the "Wallet" button on the top left to access the wallet section if you are not there already. From the wallet page click on "Accounts" button found underneath the "Deposit" button. After you can click the "Add +" button to start the linking process.

Method 2: Request an invitation

Request an invitation link by submitting a comment/post/tweet/status containing the following command:

Twitter: @iTipBot -invite (you must first follow iTipBot on Twitter)

Reddit: iTipBot -invite

An invitation link will be sent to your inbox. Click the link to sign up for a wallet. Your social account will be automatically linked to your wallet.
How do I use iTipBot on Facebook, Youtube, etc?
iTipBot is not yet available on these platforms, however they will be added in the time to come.
How do I view my balance, deposit or withdraw IOTA?
After you sign in to your wallet you will be able to view your balance as well as make deposits and withdrawals.
Is there a minimum tip?
No. You can tip as low as you want, however to prevent spam iTipBot will only reply if the tip value is at least $0.25 in value.

Note: iTipBot will always reply regardless of the minimum in Reddit's IOTA subreddits.
Note: You can optionally suppress comment replies by including "-q" (without quotes) anywhere in your comment.
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